Shaparency Board Management Software

Many corporate boards are beginning to rethink the function of technology in their organizations and consider how they can create a more tech-savvy boardroom. This article is an overview of Shaparency board management software.

What is board management software?

The ability to give up tons of paper records, hundreds and thousands of folders, difficulties and misunderstandings in the coordination of employees among themselves makes you increasingly think about choosing the right tools. Human resources management becomes simple – including the management of remote employees. All this and many other important parameters of business development are easily tracked, controlled, and adjusted online, and the reliability of the data is ensured by reliable software and high-quality elaboration of individual modules of the corporate board portal.

Board management software is a cloud-based digital platform that ensures a secure data warehouse, a reliable file-sharing system, and other useful tools for the productive collaboration of the board of directors. The use of board portals becomes relevant with the growth of the business and gives advantages in the fierce competition.

Blockchain technology is changing the way board meetings are run and is one many board members have likely not considered. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing corporate governance — and therefore board meetings — by adding layers of transparency, verification, and security. Combined with the right governance platform, blockchain can increase efficiencies by removing administrative burdens put in place by dated governance practices, mitigate the risk of fraud by showing clear records and an immutable audit trail and show clear records of ownership.

The main value of using a board portal for any business is the speed of obtaining information about the real progress of affairs in the organization, the speed of delivering important information and instructions to employees, quick feedback from them, as well as the ability to create a single information space.

Shaparency board portal for productive collaboration

Shaparency is software that allows you to automate and facilitate business processes. The software is necessary to simplify communications within the company, which means that with the help of it you increase the efficiency of your business: you optimize business processes, reduce costs, and increase employee loyalty.

Shaparency board portal provides  centralized structured storage of service information with secure access in 24×7 mode from anywhere in the world, a unified database of up-to-date documents and effective search for them, prevention of information leaks, including through the use of access policies, and industrial level of ensuring the safety of documents regardless of crashes on workstations.

Among the other important features of the service there are:

  • Convenient alerts. Mechanisms are available for configuring notifications that automatically inform users about the need to complete a task, change its status or priority, due dates, and other important information.
  • Team productivity. Collaboration in a single system increases the efficiency of employee interaction. The availability of information about the movement of tasks and their sequence reduces the number of questions about the deadline and simplifies the self-planning of the load.
  • Execution control. For convenient operational control, tabular and graphical displays of the progress of tasks, dynamic reports, and analytics are available.

One of the key features of the Shaparency board portal is the option to work with orders:

  • Formation of orders on issues and in pursuance of decisions;
  • Tracking the progress of orders execution and control of results;
  • Generation of reports on all orders;
  • Notification of changes in order status by e-mail and on iPad;
  • Filtering and sorting orders for any parameters (in progress, overdue, unfulfilled);
  • Acceptance and closure of the order by the controlling person.